Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Omg,die liao,what now?

Today i take the wrong bus to school!
instead of 851/852,i took 857!
Then i was at the expressway calling for taxi,
nt even a taxi wanted to stop
so i continue walking,then finally
a taxi stopped for me!
Then it was free!Woots!Can go back school le!No worries liao at the expressway!
When the taxi stopped for me then i know taxi cnt stop at expressway if nt kena fined!
wow the uncle so good,must thanks him
P.S. if any police or whatsoever read this,don`t fine him !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

hmm,about today.....

2day my fren tio bing long(ice dragon) when he buy the new YGO booster sia
All cards he tio one all rare de
and 10 CARDS leh for $6.50
confirm sold out de ><
At least something good happened to me 2day:
eeee 1 more key can do 188 cfm le leh (audi sea)
cre8ting of this blog
btw bing long can sell for like 60+ $ he go sell it for 50$ lolz
at least gt money TT
my little bro also tio good cards ><

Hi everyone!

Great hi to all of u reading my blog!
I juz cre8ted it today so nt much =)
Anyway ,thx for visiting!