Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bout 10-20 days eh since i last update lolz .......
Ok today
Wake up and then play nintendo ds emulator
On comp
Then eat Mc for lunch
Played catching at CC lolz though cnt play
Go playground play xD
Oh ya and today
Weimian and Xianjun merely squash my didi men boobs nia
Who ask him so fat lolz
Dun tag on my tagbox saying y i nvr help my didi
                         2: HE IS A COMPLAIN KING
                        3:HE IS FAT(not a reason though LOLZ xD)
I hope that 2012 kill hp xD
Seriously speaking =D
I wanna survive and see how he die lolz xD

Friday, October 23, 2009

FK!..... My little bro gt damn big attitude problem
wad PSP his , onself make spoil beg me help him
now i cnt help him he like not happy threaten to broke my comp
walao eh why must i have such a little brother even my frens pity me and some even scared of him
And then, he always complain
tat was wad i was last time but i changed
zZ see now ... he damn angry throw tantrums
I feel like jumping down the building leh ... he give me damn lots of pressure ....
Lucky gt my fren
But i cnt take it anymore sia......
Someone help me leh .... i feel like killing my brother leh
Its different frm my brother about to kill my mum ...
My results u ask?
Class Position : 8/39
Who i hate most: MY LITTLE BROTHER
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happenings today!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lolz.....  i heck care him le ....
Shoik sia the fishball noodles
DAMN nice xD
I ate with kaihao and renald
Then we went to renald hse
HDB Mansion leh dun play play
Lolz ..... we played poker cards
Nvr bet money but fun i like the cheat lolz
Then we search his storeroom for monopoly
I wonder how his father squeeze all the other stuffs in the store room
Haha .... I was damn tired sia
Kaihao didnt help me but then nvm
Then come back home and face my brother
My pressure level was actually about Level 1 only(very relax) and then
Reach home, my pressure level multiplied by 20! Lv . 20 (Very stress!)
RAWR i wanna kill him
GOD pls kill him with ur shiny light or wad so ever xD

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sianz sia
Going to sell my flat ....
Mother going indonesia
Changing frm 4 to 3 room flat
Earn a  few grands .......
Cheaper Water fee (dunno hw to say......)
Changing Sch maybe
My dnt get either B3/A2
I WAN jems score!
TT <><><><><>
All I say i the truth xD

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 3 of Exams - Tmr Hist n Maths

Sianz Sianz Sianz
Today i go yeehao house study
Quite ok la but worry bout Hist
Go home take 811
Then, I saw a group of boys
They are sec either 4/5 cos they look mature
AND their bus fare cost 44 cents
They very funny
Say wad tall ppl ltr tio wad cancer
Nvm la
Also juz now one auntie aboard
I nvr help then the bus driver nt happie
zZ Liddat also can .......
DAMN DARK SIA i alight its alr 725
I come out from yeehao house at 7
Lolz .... whr gt so long zzz But nvm la hor =D
Sign Off,
MilkBoi =D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New edits!~

Background, ....... a lot edited
Even intro LOLZ!~
Hiya , very sian,
EOY coming le , wad i'm doing?
MSN ! =D
People ask
1)Did i study?
2)What u want to do during the weekends
3)How u study?
Well,i didnt study, i play!
Wads more, i last minute study
Nvm la,
I just revise my ENG and CHI
And SHIT my e-Dict
Spoil le monday mati RAWR!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lolz... Edited Etc.

Updated songs and funny videos!~
I like the fat ass meal!~ LOLZ

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CeLeBrAte!~ Singapore


thats all!
Hope u like my flag thought the moon is bad
Ignore the dots ....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

~Yay! my 1st july entry!~
-Todays happenings

Today, i had a quarrel with my maid because of a fan issue
Guess wad?She actually nag more than my mom!~
Well,when i see the papers in the morning,my star,i saw that i need to make big decisions today
Btw,my star is leo. July 23-Aug 22(if i'm nt rong)

-Holiday entries!
1.Went to school for 7 days/28 days(including weekends)
2.Went to pizza hut for seniors farewell!~
3.Modem spoilt but guess wad? Its up now so i can blog
Tag pls!~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holiday Entry Preview

Wow ......
Look at this :

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Holiday Entry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 June : I went to ...............

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Cbox!
Check out my cbox now!!!
Now with who's online function and sticky message =X
Cool huh =X
Font size decrease LOLZ
Nothing more haha!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lolz .... Something thats worth smiling

12 facts I know about u
1. Your reading my comment
2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
5. Your checking it now.
6. Your smiling.
7. Your still reading my comment.
8. You know all you have read is true.
10. You didnt notice that i skipped 9.
11. Your checking it now.
12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts
Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be your best day ever!
Btw : I took this from one of the youtube comments =X

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ignorance =X

Can u believe it? I actually get to experience ignorance =X
I actually refers to ppl ignoring me , now how shld i start??

First in school, i was a bit rush and hit Yee Hao's butt 12 times( WoW! I actually counted =X) and he start ignore me . Thats my character and he shld know .....

Then when i reached home, i have a quarrel with my maid because of a puny $10!!!!!
Walao, then she shun from me =X
Life is hard

Because of electric replacement , i had gone to community centre to play computers =X
After the game, i see ppl play Yu-Gi-Oh!
I met an amksian there and he was trying to scam my good friend =X
I stopped him but his friends said that i was XXXXXXXX (hehe , censored)
They now start ignoring me =X

Now after going home, my electricity replacement was done =)
I bought cherry credits today for fun so i thought i could use on voodoominis =X
Long time no play, i played it last year january but the game is fun so = deep impression
The game was done for long cos i get the info from the 'forum'
I saw a guy called guan wei giving comment LOLZ
I dun think its him.......

-Hong Kiat

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Si YEE HAO!!!!
I waited for u and missed 4 BUSES and when i see u i dun feel like w8ting sia
U very idiotic,
Feel like SLAPPING U!!!
Today i very suai
10/20 For Geo Test............
Geo get A1 must get at least 17 & 18/20 for next 2 test OR SA1
Die liao
My target is Home Econ,Lit,Maths,Sci,Hist,Geo A1
Now Geo die le
Hist i think gt hope
Home Econ okok la
Lit maybe maybe nt
Maths confirm la
Sci also =X
But Miss Lee say Sci test difficulty is like 9/10!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its a DEAD blog Dead blog Dead blog Dead blog!!!!
=X +X !X oX IX =.=!!!!
OMG i like to spam sia!!!
PPl i hate :

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why can carrots fly?
Because it contains helium!!!!!
Why can rabbits fly?
Because it eats the carrot and gets its helium
Why can snakes fly?
Because it eats the rabbits that contains the carrot's helium
Why can eagle fly?
Because it eats the snake that contains rabbits' helium that comes from carrots
Lolz! No lah, eagle already can fly!
Why can mouse fly?
Because yesterday was April fool u fool!
Rmb to tag at chat box!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Treasure everyone in ur life,maybe one day,maybe one night,maybe one morning.....
He passed on.....
The last time u met forgot
That may be the last time u see them,last time u hear them,last time u talk to them"
Quote from a famous poet
"Life is hard,harder than a stone.....
Life is eventful,birds may swim and fish may fly
The world revolve in the clockwise direction but u,
Staying on the same spot u are.....
Tats how life is.....
Nothing but with events"
Quote from Milkboi
Hope this help all of u

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dead blog =X

This is a very very dead blog,but 2day,i`m reviving it back O.O
Sounds good =X
Well,1st things 1st =X
Nth to say
Juz thinking tat march hoildays are boring tats all =X

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Omg,die liao,what now?

Today i take the wrong bus to school!
instead of 851/852,i took 857!
Then i was at the expressway calling for taxi,
nt even a taxi wanted to stop
so i continue walking,then finally
a taxi stopped for me!
Then it was free!Woots!Can go back school le!No worries liao at the expressway!
When the taxi stopped for me then i know taxi cnt stop at expressway if nt kena fined!
wow the uncle so good,must thanks him
P.S. if any police or whatsoever read this,don`t fine him !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

hmm,about today.....

2day my fren tio bing long(ice dragon) when he buy the new YGO booster sia
All cards he tio one all rare de
and 10 CARDS leh for $6.50
confirm sold out de ><
At least something good happened to me 2day:
eeee 1 more key can do 188 cfm le leh (audi sea)
cre8ting of this blog
btw bing long can sell for like 60+ $ he go sell it for 50$ lolz
at least gt money TT
my little bro also tio good cards ><

Hi everyone!

Great hi to all of u reading my blog!
I juz cre8ted it today so nt much =)
Anyway ,thx for visiting!