Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 3 of Exams - Tmr Hist n Maths

Sianz Sianz Sianz
Today i go yeehao house study
Quite ok la but worry bout Hist
Go home take 811
Then, I saw a group of boys
They are sec either 4/5 cos they look mature
AND their bus fare cost 44 cents
They very funny
Say wad tall ppl ltr tio wad cancer
Nvm la
Also juz now one auntie aboard
I nvr help then the bus driver nt happie
zZ Liddat also can .......
DAMN DARK SIA i alight its alr 725
I come out from yeehao house at 7
Lolz .... whr gt so long zzz But nvm la hor =D
Sign Off,
MilkBoi =D

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